The Bhakti Parikar Foundation


एक बार अयोध्या जाओ, दो बार द्वारिका, तीन बार जाके त्रिवेणी में नहाओगे।

चार बार चित्रकूट, नौ बार नासिक, बार-बार जाके बद्रिनाथ घूम आओगे॥

कोटि बार काशी, केदारनाथ रामेश्वर, गया-जगन्नाथ, चाहे जहाँ जाओगे।

होंगे प्रत्यक्ष जहाँ, दर्शन श्याम श्यामा के, वृन्दावन-सा कहीं आनन्द नहीं पाओगे॥


लेख, तीर्थ, अवनीश सिंह चौहान


The holy place Vrindavan, popularly known as birth place of Lord Krishna.  It is said that Lord Krishna bestowed his love upon humans, animals or birds equally.  The stories of His divine love with  Radha, cow herd, Gopies and youthful Krishna make Vrindavan a very special and sought after place.

Started in 2015, and registered as a trust in 2020, Bhakti Parikar foundation, is a charitable initiative and is fortunate to have started its local chapter from Vrindavan.  A city where most of the people follow a simple life devoted to God. 

Bhakti Parikar Foundation has a mission which is dedicated to all the Vaishnava’s who renounced their material life and dedicate their life to tech Bhakti Yoga.  Teaching Bhakti Yoga is to enrich the spiritual and devotional depth of the community.

Bhakti Parikar Foundation is striving to ensure that no one sleeps hungry stomach not only in Vrindavan but also in surrounding areas.  The desire to serve all the Vaishnava Community and ensure basic life for all the needy is in the core of Bhakti Parikar Foundation.


Our mission

Bhakti Parikar Foundation is to empower underprivileged children, youth and women through education, food distribution, medical care and livelihood programmes.


To serve the humanity at large by adding value and higher purpose in their life through Bhakti Parikar Foundation.