Project Food for happiness

Food for happiness is an initiative by bhakti parikar foundation trust and its dedicated to distributing the food to poor and hungry people around the holy dham, empowering the social activity worldwide, and sharing the hope that comes through lord chaintya.

The people is hungry today, but the emptiness goes far beyond the table. The need is physical and spiritual.

Who we are (our story)

Food for happiness is an initiative by bhaktiparikar foundation started in July 2018.

Bhakti parikar foundation is a charitable initiative based in holy dham, and our local chapter start from vrindavan a holy city where lord Krishna took the birth, the holy land of Sri Vrindavan is considered by soul-seekers to be the the sacred land that fulfils the heart’s desires

Project food for happiness has delivered more than 2 lakhs of food and supplies to hungry, hurting people in 12 cities in India.

We also respond with emergency food and relief during disasters like COVID-19 crisis.

Our mission (our approach)

All the holy dham is resident of lord we have to see that nobody sleeps hungry within a holy dham and nearby places. God is everyone’s father, so in the presence of father the children doesn’t sleep hungry so, we have to make an arrangement so that all the peoples get fed.(prasadam)

Taking lord chaintya message to our heart, along with the desire to serve all the Vaishnava community and resident of dham we established this charitable initiative food for happiness.

Become a volunteer (how you can help)

Every day, millions of people go to bed hungry. Most of them are children. Food for happiness provides an opportunity for you to serve the all those people who is hungry.

By feeding hungry together, and delivering it in the name of prasadam, you are joining with project food for happiness to help change people’s lives for the better, for the future…and for eternity!

What we do

Feed those who are hungry

Empower the devotional community worldwide

Share the hope that come through the lord.

How we work: -

We follow devotion to fulfill the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in crisis.

By financial and prayer support like yours, we deliver food and supplies to needy one

How we distributing the food

We directly supervise the entire distribution process to make sure your contributions get into the hands of those who need it most—when they need it most.

Before distributing food, we check the food quality, giving us the right to distribute food directly through local centers who know the people—and the need—in their communities.

Under our direction and leadership, food is distributed as intended. Even more important, lord is shared with hurting people who need to hear of His divine love!