Ganga Gaushala

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  • People Benefits: 100000

  • Location: India

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Recently we adopt one gaushala. it is being located inside Vrindavan near Yamuna. When we went inside that cowshed we saw that all the cows were sick and weak. There are about 100 cows inside the cowshed. All these cows that have been saved from Slaughter House.

There is neither proper fodder arrangement inside the cowshed. Nor is there proper food arrangement for cows. Gaushala is looking very old. And all the occupants of the cow living there are broken.

And all the cows are still in a helpless state.

10 cows died due to lack of proper medical facilities during this covid time. In this covid time people could not come to Vrindavan, due to which whatever support was received by the people, could not be attained. In this difficult time, you and we together can give them a new lease of life for the cows

 So that all the cows can have their own home and food and health facilities at the right time.

By donating land for the service of the cows, a person is freed from any sins he has committed to earn his livelihood.”

In the (Srimad-Bhagavatam )3.16.10, Krishna Himself states, “The Brahmans, the cows, and the defenseless creatures are My own body.

Cow is very dear to Lord Krishna. The cow has always been revered in all religions.

 Please help us to restore the cowshed. And give your contribution to support this project