Feed our stray Friends | Covid-19 | Lockdown

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Hare Krishna,

We hope, you & your family are in good health and are keeping safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our team at Gauseva.org prays, Srimati Radha rani keeps her blessing always upon you and your family.

While we are comfortable in our homes and are enjoying daily meals at least twice a day, think of our stray friends (animals) in Braj during this lockdown and in this hot summer for whom the only hope is some trash and residues on the street that they have to eat and feed upon and some pothole to quench their thirst, resulting in many of them ending up on life owing to hunger.

The stray friends(animal) of Braj are also suffering along with the world from the panic and trauma of COVID-19. In these unprecedented times, our voiceless stary friends like Cow, Dogs, Monkeys, etc of Braj have no other hope than looking up to us for help. They have no souzrce of food & clean water as all the shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. are completely closed and even the people who care for them are unable to step out for their help or to feed them.

We at Gauseva.org with the help of local authorities and volunteers have been trying to help our stray friends by providing them with proper food & clean water in our capacity but still there are many which are unattended and need immediate help.

 We, with your help for at least next 90 days want to reach out to every stray friend of ours within Braj intending to help, feed and save them.

Our voiceless stray friends really need us to stand by them during this pandemic.

Be the voice for the voiceless…

Help us by donations to provide these innocent souls with proper food and clean water.


The donated amount will be used for procuring proper food and clean water for our stray friends.

Hari Bol, Hare Krishna