Helps to sadhus and Unprivileged families fighting From hunger

  • Remaining time: 3 months after

  • Donor(s): 0

  • People Benefits: 1000

  • Location: India

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Goal : ₹ 150000

The Covid second wave is raging through India daily case count is multiplying at Dangerous. There was no time to recover from the first wave and now we need to brace for the second which is feared to be more deadly.


At the onset of the pandemic last year, Bhakti Parikar Foundation  had quickly responded to the Situation of Thousands of sadhus and Unprivileged families fighting  From hunger. This year too, your contribution can save the hungry from starvation. 


₹51 will provide 2 meals a day for a person. Meals will be served to hungry families & Sadhus in need across locations including Vrindavan,Goverdhan.

Each meal will be a nutritional platter comprising healthy staples like rice, daal, vegetables, chapati and more.


You have all helped us through the first Covid 19 wave, for that we are extremely grateful. We desperately need you again for this difficult time ahead. Please donate now, every little help. Thanks for your generosity.